The following is a list of websites and other useful resources. Be sure to check out my recommended reading list.


All resources are listed in alphabetical order.
Dr Al Sear's is the author of numerous health books and his monthly newsletter called: “Confidential Cures. An excellent resource of information for people afflicted with cancer.
Provides independent testing of nutritional supplements.

Dr. David Brownstein is the author of many excellent health books that can be found at his website: He also has a monthly newsletter that is published by Newsmax; that can be found at this link: Dr. Brownstein is one of my favorite health writers.
Dr. Dean is the author of the Magnesium Miracle.
Dr. David Williams is the editor of the famous Alternatives health newsletter. Visit their parent company for some excellent nutritional supplements.
Doctors health press are the publishers of many newsletters and health books

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright is another one of my favorite health writers. He publishes a monthly newsletter called: GreenMedicine that can be found here:
Dr. Mark Stengler's newsletter Health Revelations
has some excellent nutritional supplements.
The website for the famous Health Sciences Institute; great information and highly recommended.

Dr Julian Whitaker is another famous doctor who has been around for a long time. He is the editor of the famous Health & Healing newsletter.
This is the website of the Life extension foundation; highly recommended. Dr Joseph Mercola's website is an excellent resource of health information. Be sure to sign up for his free newsletter. Lots of useful info on Magnesium The website of the highly respected Mike Adams (aka the health ranger) a great resource of information
Lots of useful information here If you like Dr. Jonathan V. Wright (from GreenMedicine), then you will want a subscription to Nutrition & Healing newsletter, as he was the previous editor of Nutrition and Healing, and a subscription includes a big archive of back issues from Dr.Wright

The Real Truth about Health is an excellent health resource. You a visit their website at:
And also check out their Youtube channel at: