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This 120-page book presents the phosphate theory of aging and degenerative disease. Calcification refers to calcium deposits. As we age, calcium deposits tend to accumulate in our soft tissues. Doctors call it "Extra-skeletal calcification." This means that the calcium that is supposed to be deposited in your bones is being lodged in your soft tissues where is does not belong. The condition can manifest itself in many ways: Heart disease, cancer, wrinkled skin, arthritis, kidney stones, osteoporosis, dental problems, bone spurs, senility, cataracts and many other health problems. We have all heard of kidney stones - this is nothing more than calcification of the kidneys. While this results in excruciating pain, most calcifications are "silent." In fact, calcification of your organs can start in early childhood and symptoms won't appear until many years later in life. Although it is not widely publicized, much of the plaque in our arteries is composed of calcium deposits. In a recent John Hopkins study, it was determined that people with the highest level of calcium in their arteries, had the highest incidence of heart disease. Click on the following link to see for yourself: Moreover, numerous studies have shown that phosphate food additives may just be the leading cause of soft tissue calcification. In a recent Harvard study, it was concluded that "High levels of phosphate accelerate the aging process." Click here to see this report for yourself. Additional studies at the University of Sheffield have shown a strong link between phosphate intake and heart disease. Click here to see this report for yourself.
Unfortunately, there are no expensive drugs available to combat the problem, and therefore, there is no reason for anyone to publicize the condition. In fact, with all the cholesterol lowering drugs on the market, heart disease stills remains the number one cause of death in the Unites States and many other countries. In case you haven't heard, the cholesterol theory of heart disease has been debunked a long time ago. The statistics speak for themselves. With all the new cholesterol lowering drugs, there has been little or no corresponding drop in the rate of heart attacks and strokes. The only thing these drugs do is to lower your cholesterol - but this has never been shown to prevent heart disease.

Calcification The Phosphate Factor In Aging and Disease" includes comprehensive information covering the latest research studies on calcification. You will learn simple proven techniques to prevent calcifications and even how to reverse existing calcifications that have already formed. The techniques outlined in this book involve simple diet and lifestyle changes that are very easy to follow. And be sure to click on the above links for news and free articles.